Do you have a video idea? Talk to us, we will consult and work with you on your idea. Let’s get your idea on video!

HD Cameras

We capture on HD cameras. We output to 1080p HD for the final video product.

Hidden Camera

Yeah we do this! You want something filmed with hidden cameras? Surprise party? Don’t want anyone to see the camera. We will be your camera ninjas!


We edit and post a video every Thursday on our YouTube channel. We can edit your footage!


There are many different ways to this video process. Storyboarding, filming, editing, and finalizing the video. However, these processes are not written in stone. We will flip, turn, and rip the video process apart as needed. We will customize any of our services from any point in the video process to fit your needs.

Final Product

Commercials, corporate, events, weddings, home videos, marketing, real estate, education, Internet, training, 360 videos, drone videos.

Weddings, HD, filming, drone, hidden camera, editing, consulting, raw footage, social media, youtube, events, gigs, concerts, festivals, how to videos, explanation videos, acting demo reel, performance demo reel or samplers, and more.

Check out our impsquared - our Main YouTube Channel and impcubed - our 2nd YouTube Channel for videos we have worked on and created

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It all started in Grade 6 drama class for Joe. Backstreet Boys lip sync performance by me and two classmates. Our Grade 6 teacher filmed our lip sync performance on a tape camcorder, the backdrop was the boys’ washroom using the stalls in the video. Then a performance for the drama class and another for the School’s Talent Show. I liked performing. Grade 8 rolled around, high school drama class is where I found out about Theatre Sports (improv). I was hooked and addicted. I joined the school’s improv team. This is where impsquared comes from, improv-squared. Years of theatre sports, comedy, martial arts tricks, gymnastics, and breakdancing pass by. Fast forward to summer of 2015, I decide to focus on my impsquared YouTube channel which I registered in 2005. It brings us to where we are now, videos released every Thursday with the help of Mario The plan: keep releasing a video every Thursday, work on video projects, help others work on their video projects, explore Vancouver as well as the World, meet people and share ideas. If you have a video project or an idea you would like turned into a video, please contact us. (Paid or non-paid, we’ll chat)

Location & Contact

  • Vancouver BC, Canada

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