We understand you’re busy managing your products, building your brand, and dealing with daily business operations.
You don’t want to waste your energy on the technical details of setting up your online store.
Let our team handle the setup for you.

An important aspect of an online store is to provide ease of use for shoppers, this will help generate sales.
We can effectively build an online store that provides shoppers with a great online shopping experience.

We can build the online store and setup the ecommerce platform, shipping, payment methods, and tax settings for you,
thus freeing up your time to focus on the things you want to do.

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve already been in business for years,
we can help take your business online no matter where you are in your journe

The online store ecommerce platforms we specialize in.

Other platforms we can work with: Magento, Opencart, and PrestaShop.

We will help you every step of the way to your own online store:

Decide on a brand
– The brand name will reflect the domain name you select for your online store website.

Secure your domain name
– Buy and register your domain name.

Choose the right ecommerce platform
– Help you pick the platform that fits your needs.

A secure (SSL) certificate is a must
– Protect your clients and protect your data on your online store, most web hosting places provide a free SSL certificate.

Choose the right web hosting package
– Help you pick the web hosting package that meets your needs. Speed, uptime and performance, shared hosting, and price are the top considerations when deciding on which one.

Secure an Internet Merchant Account (IMA)
– In order to accept money online, you need to secure an internet ready bank account called an Internet Merchant Account. Usually provided by the payment service provider.

Choose a Payment Service Provider (PSP)
– Also known as a payment processor or payment gateway. PSPs charge a percentage to process payments for you, like processing credit card payments. Ecommerce platforms that have monthly fees usually include a PSP.

GDPR, terms and conditions
– Key elements you need to consider include: privacy policy, cookies policy, terms and conditions, acceptable use policy, and accessibility. We will help you with these.

Ongoing digital marketing
– We will make sure your online store is SEO friendly for search engines, has great analytics, is social media ready, and has great customer relation management.

Post-setup support and online store training
– Providing you support and training on keeping the online store running smoothly.